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Episode IV: A New Blog

Welcome to the new json-everything blog!

This will be a place where I can write about all things JSON. Most of the time, it’ll be a place where I can answer common questions so I have somewhere to point people when they ask.

I’ll also highlight anything that looks interesting to me. This could be use cases from StackOverflow, other JSON-related projects, or even explanations of decisions that I’m making for one of the json-everything libraries.

But don’t you already write posts for the JSON Schema blog?

I do! Thanks for noticing!

I may copy/re-blog those posts over here, but for the most part, JSON Schema stuff has a primary home there.

I mainly wanted this site for non-JSON-Schema JSON-related content. For example, a JSON Path specification is coming soon, and I’d like to cover the differences between it and traditional JSON Path.

Anyway, thanks for tuning in.

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